Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I got my eyebrows threaded!

Holy cow, what a life changing experience! I have never had such perfectly shaped eyebrows in my life. I think my range of facial expressions just doubled. I decided to try threading because my skin is way too sensitive for waxing (need I remember what happened the week before my wedding? shudder....) and with plucking I can never get my eyebrows to look even. It only took 10 minutes and I did it on my lunch break yesterday. I wish I could have watched what she was doing to me, but I had to keep my eyes closed so I am not exactly sure what went down, so I googled some info if you don't know what threading is (info from WiseGeek.)

Threading involves twisting a piece of thread, usually cotton, into a double strand. This double stranded thread is used to pick up a line of hair and then remove it, creating a very clean, precise hairline. Threading is the technique preferred by Indian movie stars, who are often distinguished by their crisp brow lines. Threading can be used to eliminate a unibrow, raise the arch of the eyebrow, or add shape and definition to the brow. Because it removes hair by the follicle, it is a reasonably long lasting hair removal technique as well. Repeat visits after three to four weeks are standard. The technique is also not terribly expensive because it is easy to do quickly and does not require costly chemical ingredients. For women who would like to pursue a more natural beauty regimen, eyebrowis a good choice, since it does not use harmful products.

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  1. I love threading! It's amazing :) Welcome to the other side, hehe